Translogic 173: Spira Foam Car

This Unique Three-Wheeled EV Can Be Parked Vertically And Float On Water

Name a car that can drive into a body of water (or human body) without causing much harm? No, this isn't an automotive riddle. It's the vision of Doug Ballard and his Spira foam car.

"When we first got into this, we were looking for ways to protect people and protect the vehicle," says Ballard, Vice President of Spira.

This three-wheeled electric vehicle is designed with pedestrian safety in mind, but an unintended benefit of Spira's foam construction is that the car can actually float on water. You can also park the car vertically, as Spira is light enough to lift with ease.

Translogic host Jonathon Buckley chats with Ballard and take the all-electric Spira foam car for a spin.


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