Recharge Wrap-up: Renault ZOE wins Zenn Monte-Carlo Rally, BC revives EV rebates

BMW Acknowledges i3 Sales Boost From Incentive Programs

Renault ZOE EVs took the top four places in the 2015 ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally. Renault's cars finished first in consumption, regularity and overall standings. ZOEs took the top four spots overall and in the regularity tests, and the top five places for consumption. Renault entered four teams - two with professional drivers (finishing first and second), one piloted by journalists (placing third) and another by bloggers (taking seventh place). Another individual team entered the race with their own ZOE and finished fourth overall. The electric vehicle race took place over 130 miles and seven and a half hours. Read more in the press release from Renault below.

British Columbia has reinstated its Clean Energy Vehicle Incentive Program. Phase two of the program, which starts April 1, is expected to put another 1,700 plug-in cars on BC roads. It's funded by the province's Innovative Clean Energy Fund, which gets its money from carbon taxes. Customers can receive rebates of up to C$5,000 for EVs, while fuel cell vehicle customers could get back up to C$6,000. Drivers can also get up to $C3,250 for scrapping cars built before 2000. BC is also investing in more charging infrastructure, EV fleets and outreach. See the video above, and read more from British Columbia government website and at Green Car Reports.

BMW is noticing increased sales of its i3 EV tied to government incentives for electric cars. "We can see a clear connection between sales figures and political initiatives," says BMW Group CEO Norbert Reithofer. "Wherever governments offer tangible incentives for e-mobility, the registration figures for the BMW i3 soar." Last year, BMW sold about 2,000 i3s in Norway and 3,000 in California. In Germany, where BMW only sold about 2,100 i3s, Riethofer suggests the government needs to do more to support clean cars. "The German carmakers have delivered their part of the bargain. The ball is in now in the court of policymakers," he says. Read more at Automotive News Europe.
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Renault ZOE takes the top four places in the 6th ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally

Following a sparkling victory last year, Renault ZOE has put in yet another remarkable performance at the 2015 ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally with four ZOE models taking the top four spots.

In its second appearance in the prestigious international competition, Renault ZOE outdid the field in the following categories:

• 1st in the overall standings of the ZENN Rally
• And 4 ZOE in the top 4 places in the overall standings
• 1st in the consumption standings
• And 5 ZOE in the top 5 places in the consumption standings
• 1st in the regularity standings
• And 4 ZOE in the top 4 places in the regularity standings

With eight racing zones punctuated with five regularity tests in this year's ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally (ZENN standing for "zero emissions, zero noise"), the competitors drove a total of 210 km over seven and a half hours.

Renault entered four teams, including a press car and a blogger car. A team of individuals took part in the rally on an individual initiative alongside the competing brands.

At the conclusion of the two-day race, these five ZOE finished in first, second, third, fourth and seventh place. The "individual" team finished fourth. Renault would like to applaud this non-professional team and is delighted to see that the electric hatchback brought it every chance of competing strongly in an event as demanding as the ZENN Rally.

Congratulations are also in order for our teams of professional drivers, who notched up a one-two finish and won all the race events (consumption, regularity and combined). Renault would like to present its special congratulations to our blogger teams and journalist, who finished in third and seventh place respectively in their debut ZENN Rally.

Renault ZOE had already been acclaimed by 98% of its customers for its design, performance, best-in-class range, driving pleasure and exclusive technologies. With this array of victories, Renault ZOE is once again demonstrating its unrivalled performances in the world of electric vehicles.

With some 22,000 registrations worldwide since launch, the Renault ZOE adventure continues. It will be available in spring with a new 100% French and 100% Renault motor, bringing drivers even more range – still the best in the class – and optimized charging times. The electric adventure marches on!

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