TranslogicTranslogic 173: Spira Foam Car

Translogic host Jonathon Buckley chats with Doug Ballard and takes his all-electric Spira foam car for a spin. This three-wheeled electric vehicle is designed with pedestrian safety in mind, but an unintended benefit of the Spira's foam construction is that the car can actually float on water. You can also park the car vertically, as the Spira is light enough to lift with ease.

Tesla HotelI Slept in the Tesla Hotel [w/ Video]

We've all heard of Uber, we've all heard of Tesla and now we've all heard of the Tesla hotel that is also an Uber car. AutoblogGreen's Sebastian Blanco headed to Arizona to spend a night in a Tesla Model S. It was comfortable, interesting and memorable. He didn't get much sleep, though.

2016 Jaguar XFJaguar takes evolutionary approach for 2016 XF [w/videos]

One week ahead of its debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show, Jaguar has let loose a slew of images and details on the second-generation 2016 XF Sedan. The release comes alongside a high-profile stunt over London's Canary Wharf.

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