• Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
  • Image Credit: Bodie Stroud
If you thought pickups could use a lot more love in the resto-mod world, then Bodie Stroud – he of "The Real Thing" Mustang – has something for you: the BSI X-100. His team starts with the body of a 1956 Ford F-100, but the sheetmetal is about all the nostalgia you're going to get; the body, tweaked with a chopped hood and a larger rear window on the cab, sits on a custom steel ladder-frame chassis. Out back is a one-piece, tubbed bed, and behind that are taillights from a 1948 (gasp!) Chevrolet.

Under that hood is either a 412-horsepower, 5.0-liter Ford Racing Coyote crate engine, or a supercharged, 6.0-liter, 630-hp Ford Racing Aluminator motor, shifting through a Ford 4R70W four-speed automatic. Inside, the dash is reworked to fit gauges from a Ford F-150 King Ranch Edition, and the bench is swapped out for buckets from a Mustang GT. The independent front and four-link rear suspension are adjustable, helping to make room for staggered wheels - 19 inches in front, 20 inches in back, and larger can be accommodated. Six-piston Wilwood brakes handle the stopping.

There's a lot of fabrication and hand-work involved, and it doesn't come cheap: BSI says the turnkey package starts at $180,000. If you've got it, this is an exceptional way to flaunt it. The press release below has all the details.

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New pickup from Bodie Stroud Industries melds the iconic style of the 1956 F-100 with a cutting-edge chassis and drivetrain to create a hand-built, all-new truck with the performance and reliability of a modern sports car.

Sun Valley, Calif. (March, 2015) – In an era when anyone can walk into a dealership with good credit and a yearning to go fast and drive out in a 500+ horsepower sports car, owning and driving something truly unique has become a challenge. With that in mind, the craftsmen at Los Angeles-based Bodie Stroud Industries (BSI) have come up with something truly special – a brand new line of hand-built, turn-key pickups with the looks and sheet metal of an American icon, subtly massaged and fitted to a modern chassis and powered by the latest engine, transmission and electronics from Detroit. The result is the world's first all-new, turn-key 1956 Pickup: the BSI X-100.

"When most people think about classic trucks, what comes to mind is usually the 1956 F-100, it's one of the most timeless designs of all time," says BSI founder Bodie Stroud. "I thought, wouldn't it be cool if someone put that truck back into production, preserving the truck's basic look, but with modern suspension, a brand new Ford Racing motor and transmission, and the interior and gauges from a late-model F-150. Then we decided to just go ahead and build the X-100 as a limited run production vehicle."

Stroud is well-acquainted with the classic lines of the Ford F-100, having built several award-winning custom trucks in the past, as well as a series of show-stopping extreme customs that fused modern tech and classic lines, like the "Real Thing" Mustang powered by SOHC 427 from a Mario Andretti race car and the "Scarliner" 1960 Ford Starliner powered by a real Ford GT engine.

BSI craftsmen begin each build with a rust-free F-100 body, which is then customized by chopping the hood and extending the body meet the running boards. A larger rear window vastly improves sight lines and further distinguishes the X-100 from a standard truck. Other exterior cues include rounded-off door corners and a one-piece tubbed bed with a hidden gas filler neck. The rollpan cleanly houses '48 Chevy taillights, and after all the custom work the entire vehicle is massaged using time-honored sheet metal methods to make it perfectly straight and smooth, before flawless paint is laid down in the BSI booth.

The '56 X-100 cab sits atop a custom BSI chassis that features a high-strength boxed frame, tied to a custom center section with an integrated driveshaft hoop. The front suspension is fully independent and uses BSI-designed control arms with patented EZ-Aline adjusters. This configuration allows control-arm length to be adjusted to easily set caster and camber. This unique setup not only improves vehicle handling and driver control, but also accommodates large modern wheel and tire sizes. The rear suspension uses a BSI-designed four-link setup with a Currie Enterprises nine-inch axle. Vehicle dynamics controlled by adjustable coilover shocks; a programmable airbag system is an available upgrade for owners who want to adjust ride height on the fly. Attention to detail includes cleanly routing plumbing, wiring, and an all-stainless BSI by MagnaFlow exhaust system through the frame rails.

To power the X-100, customers can choose from either a naturally aspirated 5.0L DOHC Ford Racing Coyote crate engine, which produces 412 horsepower, or they can opt for a 630 horsepower supercharged Ford Racing Aluminator 5.0L Coyote. The F-100's powerplant is mated to a smooth and durable Ford 4R70W automatic overdrive transmission. Steering is modernized with power rack-and-pinion tied to an adjustable Flaming River column and a Flaming River steering wheel. Modern high-performance rubber is mounted to a set of custom-cut billet wheels measuring 19x8.5 front and 20x15 rear. Stopping power comes from 13-inch rotors clamped by six-piston calipers on all four corners.

The X-100 interior is again a fusion of classic style and modern convenience. The dash retains a factory look, but is custom-fabricated by BSI to accept Ford King Ranch gauges. Rather than traditional bench seating, the truck has modern fully adjustable high-back buckets for driver and passenger and is divided by a custom center console featuring a modern F-150 shifter. Vintage Air climate control keeps the cabin a comfortable temperature, whether driving in the hellish heat of Las Vegas or the frosty temperatures of the Midwest. If the vehicle ever needs service, the stock modern Ford OBDII port is located under the dash, and the entire driveline can be serviced at any local dealer, anywhere in the world.

For those who view classic trucks as the embodiment of American rugged individualism, but need something with the power, handling and convenience of a modern sports car, the BSI X-100 offers the best of both worlds, all at a reasonable price because of the program's small-volume manufacturing process. From the moment an order comes in, to the moment the vehicle rolls out the door, everything is hand-made and hand-assembled by expert fabricators and craftsmen. The BSI X-100 is the culmination of Bodie Stroud's decades of customizing experience and work for many celebrity clients. Passion and precision combine to make it the ultimate pickup.

For more information on Bodie Stroud Industries, visit www.bodiestroud.com and follow BSI on Facebook and Twitter.


Bodie Stroud Industries, Inc., is an award-winning Los Angeles-based company that designs and builds Customs and Hot Rods of every conceivable form. After leaving his corporate job in 2007 and taking the ultimate risk to found Bodies Stroud Industries, Bodie Stroud has been a radical influence in the hot rod and custom car world, utilizing subtle custom designs and flawless execution to create a series of award-winning vehicles. Coupled with his dedication to integrity, obsessive attention to detail, and a fresh take on performance engineering, Stroud and BSI offer customers everything from bolt-on performance parts and basic hot rod repair to hand-built, turn-key custom supercars. Bodie Stroud Industries embodies a lifestyle brand of movable artistry and a passion for precision.

Bodie Stroud Industries turnkey 1956 Ford F-100 truck program specs
Vehicle: Prototype Turnkey 1956 Ford F-100 truck

Engine: 5.0 Coyote Aluminator
Forced Induction: Ford Racing Supercharger
Engine Extras: Custom Air Intake by BSI
Rear End Manufacturer: Currie
Rear End Type: 9 in. Ford
Drive Shaft: Inland Empire 3" Aluminum Polished

Type: Rack and Pinion
Manufacturer: Flaming River
Steering Column: Flaming River
Power Steering Fluid: Royal Purple

Seats: 2006 Mustang GT Custom Wrapped
Gauges: King Ranch F150 2008
A/C System: Vintage Air

Stereo System
Head Unit: Alpine
Speakers: Rockford Fosgate
Amplifier: Rockford Fosgate

Wheels and Tires
Wheel Manufacturer/Model: Boze/Fatal
Front Wheel Size: 18x7
Rear Wheel Size: 20x15
Tire Manufacturer/Model: Mickey Thompson/Sportsman S/R
Front Tire Size: 26x8.00R18LT
Rear Tire Size: 31x18.00R20LT

Paint Manufacturer: PPG
Paint Color: Custom Paint Match Candy Red

Fuel Type: 91 Octane
Fuel Pump: Aeromotive A1000
Fuel Tank/Cell: Custom Stainless Fuel Cell
Fuel Management: Ford Racing Computer

Front Manufacturer: Wilwood
Front Caliper Specs: 6 Piston
Rear Manufacturer: Wilwood
Rear Caliper Specs: 6 Piston

Battery Location: Passenger Side Under Cab
Battery Manufacturer: Odyssey

Header Manufacturer: Ford Racing
Header Details: Stock
Exhaust Manufacturer: Magnaflow 3" Stainless

Radiator: Aluminum 4 core
Fans: Two Electric 12" Fans

Chassis: Stock Custom Modified by BSI with Boxed Rails, Custom Center Section, Custom EZ-Aline IFS and Fourlink, Custom Hidden Raceway for Electrical, Fuel, Brakes and Air Ride.

Front Suspension Manufacturer: BSI
Front Suspension Type: IFS
Rear Suspension Manufacturer: BSI
Rear Suspension Type: Four Bar
Shock Manufacturer: RideTech
Sway Bars: Speedway

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*Investments begin at $180,000

All builds include:
Custom BSI suspension with EZ-Aline Adjusters
Curtis Speed custom wheels with steering wheel option
Ford 4R70W automatic transmission with tow/haul mode
BSI dress up kit for the front end
Custom made BSI hose clamps and fittings for your plumbing

MagnaFlow exhaust package
Stainless steel fuel tank
Wilwood brakes
Color availability: "Brandy Wine" Red, Jet Black, and Midnight Blue
**Custom colors available upon request

Choice of upholstery – Leather or vinyl

Classic Option
Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 4V Crate Engine 412hp

Elegance Option
Supercharged 5.0L Coyote Crate Engine 630hp RideTech air suspension

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