Jay Leno rides high in Fab Fours Legend

Jeep showcased some pretty awesome concepts at its Easter Safari in Moab a few days ago, but few if any of them were quite as extreme as what's rolled in to Jay Leno's Garage for this latest video installment.

It's called the Legend, and it was made by aftermarket bumper manufacturer Fab Fours to demonstrate its capabilities. It's obviously based on the Jeep Wrangler, but it's riding high on 50-inch tires with a jacked-up monster truck suspension, giant fenders, a chopped-down red-tinted greenhouse and something its creators call a "grumper" that integrates the bumper into the grille. Or vice versa.

Though most of the oily bits have carried over from the production model, it's hardly what you'd call "practical," but it's sure to turn a lot of heads... even one as massive as Jay's.

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