Porsche wants a better 'connected car' [UPDATE]

UPDATE: In an earlier version of this story we mistakenly identified Joe Lawrence as the CEO of Porsche Cars North America; Lawrence is in fact the Chief Operating Officer, COO, of PCNA. The text has been changed to reflect this.

Porsche is known for great engineering, but it's usually the type that leads to fantastic engines and sublime handling, rather than cutting-edge infotainment systems. The company wants to alter that balance in the future to put a greater emphasis on connectivity in its models.

Porsche Cars North America COO Joe Lawrence outlined the brand's goals during a speech at the Bloomberg Innovation Forum in Atlanta, according to Automotive News. "Recognizing the phone is so ubiquitous in every sector, how do we integrate that into driving experience in a way that is safe and enjoyable?" he said. Lawrence suggested the company might be working with Google and Apple on future solutions.

Even if Porsche is working on making more tech savvy models, don't expect the company to forget its roots. Brand boss Matthias Müller also broached connectivity during his recent speech at a conference and said the sports car business' customers didn't want "a smartphone on four wheels." He promised investments in research and development to come up with an answer.

In the same speech, Müller strongly suggested fully electric Porsche models were on the way and also announced a seventh model line coming in the future. Lawrence reiterated the company's future, as well, in his address. "We will see further electrification of our product line," he said, according to Automotive News.

Rumors of Porsche building a Tesla-fighter have been circulating as of late. The vehicle is possibly in the body of the smaller Panamera called the Pajun, and it could offer a 300-mile range with an electric motor at each axle kicking out a reported total of 600 horsepower.

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