Elon Musk discussed the autonomous driving capabilities of the Tesla Model S with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. He said the car is already equipped with the hardware needed for highway driving. "Even with the current sensor suite, we could make the car go fully autonomous, but not a level of reliability that would be safe in, say, a complex urban environment at 30 miles an hour," says Musk. That would require "a bigger sensor suite, and you need more computing power." Huang and Musk also discussed car hacking and artificial intelligence during the interview at the 2015 GPU Technology Conference. See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

Renault will send four of its ZOE electric cars to the ZENN (Zero Emission, No Noise) Monte-Carlo Rally. The rally, which travels through the principality beginning and ending at the Port of Monaco, is open to electric cars with ranges of less than 250 kilometers (about 155 miles). Visitors can also explore an "electric village," which includes vehicle test drives and information about the future of automobiles. The race takes place from March 20 through 22. Read more in the press release from Renault below.

A Seattle-area Nissan dealership has opened a "charging depot" with six fast chargers. Bellevue Nissan now claims to have a larger group of fast chargers than any other dealership in the country. The chargers are part of the NRG eVgo network, and will be available to drivers around the clock every day of the week. They'll also be part of Nissan's "No Charge To Charge" program for Leaf customers. Washington Governor Jay Inslee was on hand at the dealership for the opening, where he called such fast charging stations, "the backbone of our future transportation infrastructure." Read more at Hybrid Cars.

A coalition of environmental groups and renewable energy advocates want New York to require all heating oil sold in the state to include at least two percent biodiesel. The proposal passed the Assembly's Committee on Environmental Conservation Tuesday. Its sponsor is Assemblyman Steven Englebright, a Long Island Democrat who says a biodiesel standard would reduce carbon emissions while boosting the state's agricultural industry. Supporters of a biodiesel standard include the New York League of Conservation Voters, the New York Public Interest Research Group and the state's Corn and Soybean Growers Association. Conventional oil companies are opposed. The American Petroleum Institute says the mandate could lead to an increase in prices.

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2015 Zenn Monte-Carlo Rally: four Renault ZOE in the running

Four Renault ZOE models are competing in the 6th ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally on March 20 to 22. ZOE is putting its title on the line to once again prove that electric power can combine environmental concerns and automotive passion.

The 6th ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally (ZENN being short for "zero emissions, zero noise") is a prestigious motorsport competition open exclusively to electric cars with a range of under 250 km.

Like its renowned parent competition, the Monte-Carlo Rally, the ZENN Rally is run in the Principality of Monaco. Competing in timed and regularity events and stopping off at charging stations, the drivers will snake along the famous winding roads of Col de la Madone, Saint-Agnès, Breil-sur-Roya and Sospel.

Visitors from around the world will attend the race starts and finishes at the Port of Monaco. They will also get the chance to visit the "electric" village featuring a range of exhibitions, vehicle test drives and special installations on the theme of tomorrow's automobile and sustainable development. A manoeuvrability contest will also be held on the morning of March 22 at the southern harbor of the Port of Monaco.

ZOE has sold in over 21,000 units worldwide since launch in 2013, with sales rising a full 54% in Europe in 2014. Already the benchmark vehicle in terms of performance and range, ZOE will be fitted with an all-new, 100% Renault engine at the end of spring.

The ZE ZOE Team will be back in touch on Monday March 23 to share the results of this eminently "ZENN" rally with you.

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