Lucra LC470Driving the Lucra LC470

Associate Editor Jonathon Ramsey says the Lucra LC470 is "a distinct offering in a growing segment of homebrew performance cars." It's small, powerful (450 horsepower!), lightweight, and combines facets of old and new, to create a totally invigorating and involving driving experience. Read all about this interesting machine, here.

Jeep ChiefEaster Jeep Safari concepts revealed

We love the annual Easter Jeep Safari concepts put out by the folks at FCA. They're fully baked, seriously cool, off-road ready creations that prove Jeep's engineers and designers are totally in touch with their owners and fans. This year, Jeep has seven new SUVs that'll hit the trails in Moab at the end of this month. Be sure to check these out.

VW JettaTop 10 small cars with the longest driving range

Fuel economy is a huge factor in new cars, sure, but honestly, so is total driving range. The ability to say "X miles on a single tank" is pretty important, and to showcase the superstars of long-distance driving, Seyth Miersma details the 10 compact cars with the longest driving range. That is, "compact" by the EPA standards, anyway. See what we mean, here.

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