Chinese farmers build giant Transformers from car parts, scrap metal

Repurposing found objects into art isn't a new idea, but a father-son duo in China is doing something very interesting with the idea. The two of them are welding together pieces of scrap metal and auto parts to craft giant replicas of the robots from Michael Bay's Transformers franchise. The results vary from close approximations of the movies' bots to the pair's own interpretations inspired by that look.

We've seen reinterpretations of Transformers before, even from China. However, with so many pieces already complete and for sale, these two guys seem to be making a very cool job out of it.

Not only that, the father and son are making money. A ccording to a report from Shanghaiist, Yu Zhilin of Zhangmu township in Hengyang county and his son make more than a million yuan each year ($160,436 at current exchange rates) selling these Transformer creations in China.

Apparently, the Transformers movie franchise is huge business in China. According to Wikipedia, Transformers: Age of Extinction, which was released in 2014, is the highest-grossing movie in China of all time.

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