The motorsports world can sometimes get a bit stodgy with teams setting on a basic design and continuing to sharpen the razor bit by bit each year. It can be a real breath of fresh air when something different (and often a little weird) comes along to shake things up. In the modern world of motorcycle racing, things don't get a whole lot more bizarre than the Vyrus 986 M2.

We've seen this bike before both in street trim and for the track. Building a bike for Moto2 racing, Vyrus had to use a spec, Honda-based powertrain, but the chassis design was quite open. Clearly the Vyrus engineers took that opportunity to heart with hub-centric steering replacing traditional front forks and a radiator mounted underneath the engine.

According to Asphalt and Rubber, this one is going to be racing in the Spanish CEV Moto2 Championship. The rider gets to have a little fun in this video too with some wheelies that give a great, up close look at the Vyrus' bizarre front end.

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