Nissan's Twizy-like New Mobility Concept EV adds modern charm to old town in Japan

While alliance partner Renault gets to give its quirky, side-window free electric vehicle a fun name like Twizy, Nissan has opted for the much-less-interesting New Mobility Concept. To company is promoting the vehicle with a similar, let's-not-get-too-excited-here vibe, saying that it's " perfect even for mom" (not that mom's aren't exciting) and limiting it to carsharing and test program users.

In the latest promotion effort, Nissan has brought the NMC to the tourist town of Shikano, in the east of Tottori Prefecture, to be used to get to hot spring excursions and other visits. Renting the vehicle costs roughly the equivalent of $10 an hour ($40 for six) as well as $12 to get a training license. You can see the little car in action in the video above, including some entirely interesting shots of the NMC painted like a cow with a pair of cows.

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