Occasionally, we hear stories about native populations in deep, dark jungles that have never had contact with modern man. Reading these stories is like descending into a completely different world, one that is difficult to imagine, let alone comprehend.

While this story doesn't involve anything as dramatic as uncontacted peoples, it does focus on a similarly bewildering population of individuals (at least for us) – people that don't drive. BBC Autos has the story, from a Quora questionnaire, about the wide range of people that simply can't be bothered with a car. Shocking, we know. But for them, it makes a fair amount of sense.

Respondents pointed to a number of reasons behind their car-free, driver's license-less existence. Some are afraid to pilot a 3,000-pound steel cage down the road. Others cite more practical matters, like the cost savings that come from not having to pay for gas, insurance or the car itself (this is especially true for respondents that lived in urban areas with ample public transport, like New York City). Exercise and increased free time were also cited.

As people that are obsessed with this wild-and-crazy industry and culture, it's bizarre to think of life where we didn't drive or own a car. But these explanations, as strange as they are, are incredibly fascinating. Head over and take a look.

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