BBC canceling rest of Top Gear season after Clarkson fracas

When the BBC caught wind of a "fracas" between Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson and one of the show's producers, they suspended both the personality and the program, and put the remaining episodes of the season on indefinite hold. Now it seems they're scrapping the rest of the season altogether.

The latest comes from BBC News, which is ostensibly reporting on the development as a news organization and not as a division for the same organization responsible for the program in question. According to the report, the network is "expected to scrap the remainder of the current Top Gear TV series" rather than simply postpone their broadcast until the issue is somehow resolved. (Note that the term "series" is used in the UK to refer to what Americans would call a "season," and doesn't necessarily mean the entire program is down for the count.) That could mean that we'll never see those last three episodes, though we hope they find their way onto the leaky interwebs at some point in the near future.

As for the show's long-term prospects, BBC executives will undoubtedly face a difficult decision over whether to give the ever controversial Clarkson one last chance or write off its most successful program. Of course, they could try to continue the show without him, but we doubt it would ever be the same. If terminated, Clarkson would likely find a suitable home on another network, assuming a non-compete clause in his contract wouldn't preclude him from doing so. One way or another, we doubt we've seen the last of Top Gear or Jeremy Clarkson.

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