Tesla P85 D TranslogicTranslogic checks out the Tesla Model S P85D

In 2012, the Tesla Model S took the auto industry by storm with its sustainable powertrain, sleek design, and superb performance. If the standard Model S proves that electric cars can be class-leading, the Model S P85D hammers home that point with class-demolishing specs.

AppleCould Samsung follow Apple into the car-making biz?

Google, Samsung, Tesla and Uber are all recent players in the auto industry, and Apple may be next. Thing is, Samsung registered 3,094 auto-related patents between 1990 and 2014, and recently it has been focusing on battery and fuel cell technology. Could the Korean giant be next in the car-making line?

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson gets support from fans and offers from rivals

As you're surely aware, Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC, and Top Gear is on indefinite hold. Color us unsurprised that fans of the show have created a petition to reinstate the popular host, and that rival British broadcaster ITV has offered Clarkson £10 million ($15 million) to switch networks.

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