Wrecked rental Lamborghini abandoned on Texas tollway

If you crashed and abandoned a $250,000 rented Lamborghini Gallardo on the side of the Dallas North Tollway Saturday night, the police would like to have a word with you.

It appears that the Lamborghini hit a retaining wall before being dumped by the driver, according to WFAA. The supercar was found early Sunday morning with no identifying papers and no one around in the southbound lanes of the tollway. Police towed the vehicle.

Exotic Skittles, an exotic car rental company in the Dallas area, confirmed that the crashed Lamborghini had been rented from them. The company's Facebook page prominently features a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo similar to the one left on the side of the road.

It seems that yellow Gallardos can be a real problem on the high-end rental market; it was just last year that teen-idol and general Canadian roustabout Justin Bieber was arrested for committing various acts of bad driving in a similar model, in Florida. Rental car owners, be forewarned.

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