When the weather starts warming up, expect the grills to start heating up. A Japanese company is trying to get a jump on the higher temperatures with a crowdfunding campaign for a Nissan e-NV200 with a full kitchenette and many more bizarre features hidden inside. The company calls it the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle.

More than just a rather bizarre video, a crowdfunding site is hosting a project to actually hold parties around Japan with this Nissan. The goal is to raise 1 million yen (about $8,500 at current rates), and it has about 180,000 yen ($1,500), as of this writing. A pledge of at least 30,000 yen ($250) gets you and a friend invited to one of these events. However, if you really need the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle, then 25 million yen ($208,500) buys it outright.

This van is designed to be an emissions-free party machine. Sliding out of the rear is a 1,500-watt electric grill complete with a rotisserie, and there's even a sink for washing dishes. A full disposal system even helps with cleanup afterwards. Beyond just a place to do some outdoor cooking, this e-NV200 is outfitted with practically everything necessary to host some festivities. An ultrasonic mosquito barrier should keep the bugs away, and a water mister also helps keep guests cool. When it starts getting dark, there's a smartphone-linked screen on the side to display pictures or movies, and the setup even doubles as a karaoke machine. Likely the weirdest feature, though, is a deployable drone that can take pictures of your shindig.

Our Japanese language skills are limited to counting from one to ten and asking what time it is in Tokyo right now, so it's hard to really suss out all the details. But from a Q&A at the bottom of the page (translated by our friends at Google Translate), it appears you have to be a Japanese resident to donate. And the site doesn't take American Express. If anyone knows how to read Japanese and wants to tell us more, please comment below. Because now we're hungry and want some yakitori.

Nissan NV200 Information

Nissan NV200

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