Ruf RGT 4.2 offers 518 hp of naturally aspirated power

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Ruf has a reputation for building some fast interpretations of the Porsche 911, and the company's latest RGT 4.2 at the Geneva Motor Show provides an interesting point of comparison compared to the new GT3 RS that's debuting there.

In terms of pure power, the Ruf wins out. The company crafts a flat six with 4.2-liters of displacement making 518 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque with a top speed of 200 miles per hour. In contrast, the latest GT3 RS gets 500 ponies and 338 lb-ft of twist from its direct-injected 4.0-liter mill. Depending on your desires, the RGT 4.2 might have the preferred gearbox too with its six-speed manual versus the Porsche's PDK.

Styling is also going to come down to personal tastes between these two. The RGT 4.2 has an almost old-school racing look with its bolted-on fender flares, five-spoke wheels, thick carbon fiber rear wing and lower front air dam. Inside, there's also an integrated roll cage. The RS, on the contrary, appears thoroughly modern with its big fender intakes at the back, slashes just behind the front wheels, CFRP hood and magnesium roof.

Check out Ruf's naturally aspirated monster on the Geneva show floor in the gallery, above.

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