Folks of a certain age will remember Hands Across America, that 1986 benefit event that attempted to get people to hold hands all the way across the country ($34 million was raised by 6.5 million people, but there were breaks in the chain). In the right light, it looks like Tesla Motors' is attempting a similar feat by with its string of Supercharger outlets from sea to shining sea. The number of global Supercharger stations has zoomed past 2,000, and a big chunk of those are spread across the US.

In fact, as of Monday, global Tesla owners had their pick of 2,146 Superchargers at about 400 charging stations. And while an inordinate number of those were along the West and East Coasts of the US, there are many and more throughout the land.

Tesla has sold many a Model S on the concept that the company would build enough Supercharger stations to make range anxiety an misnomer, with each station providing enough juice in a half-hour of charging for about 170 miles of travel. Two years ago, Tesla started publicizing that it would take its Supercharger network nationwide, and a look at the present-day map it appears to have made good on that promise. You can see where Tesla Motors' Superchargers are located here.

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