Widow sues herself for negligence in car crash that killed husband

A Utah woman is suing the person responsible for killing her husband in a car crash in 2011. That person just happens to be herself.

In December 2011, Bradley Vom Baur died after Barbara Bagley lost control of a Range Rover in the Nevada desert. The vehicle flipped after she hit a large sagebrush. Vom Baur was thrown from the vehicle and suffered severe injuries. He died January 6, 2012.

In her suit, Barbara Bagley claims she was negligent for failing to control the car and should have notice the obstruction. She is both defendant and plaintiff in Bagley v. Bagley. But the lawsuit is not as demented as it first appears. By suing the person responsible for her husband's death, herself, she is actually meeting a legal responsibility to act on behalf of her husband's estate.

It's a complex case, which the The Salt Lake Tribune has covered in great detail.

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