Car enthusiasts salute young father-to-be killed in freak accident

More than 90 car enthusiasts paid homage to a young man in England who died in a freak accident on Saturday, just hours after learning he would be a father.

Will Page, described by friends as a 'car fanatic' according to The Daily Mail, was leaving an industrial park after repairing his Peugeot 106 GTI when the parking barrier swung through his windshield.

Just hours before his death his girlfriend, Rachael Cross, revealed that she was pregnant.

"He loved kids and being a father was everything he wanted," Will's father, Brian, told The Daily Mail. Everyone said he would have been a great dad."

On Sunday, his parents and girlfriend watched as about 90 cars took part in a procession past his home. They beeped their horns in support before gathering in a parking lot to release paper lanterns in remembrance. Cross paid for an early scan of the baby so the picture could be buried with Page.

'It was a complete dream for him to be a dad, and obviously I'm still going to make that happen," she told the Mail.

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