Seat bringing new crossover to Geneva?

  • Image Credit: Seat
With the opening of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show now just around the corner, the final pieces to the puzzle that is Europe's largest annual auto expo are falling in to place. And the latest to tip its hand is Seat.

Volkswagen's Spanish division released a pair of teaser images via social media, accompanied by the caption, "We will light up the Geneva Motor Show this year with something very exciting! Keep a close eye!"

Although the cropped-in section of the vehicle's front end doesn't give us much to go on, Seat is widely expected to be preparing to launch its first crossover. The brand that typically limits its scope to hatchbacks, minivans and rebadging old Audis is tipped to be the group's next brand to enter the SUV market, following similar expansions undertaken over recent years by Porsche, Audi, Škoda, the Volkswagen brand itself and soon Bentley into the expanding segment. That would leave only Lamborghini (which has been lobbying its superiors to green-light the Urus concept) and Bugatti (which we're fairly confident never will) without crossovers in its lineup.

Seat already handles production of the Audi Q3 at its factory in Martorell, Spain - the same location mentioned with the release of the second teaser showing the taillight. It would follow logically (though not inevitably) then that Seat's crossover would share its underpinnings with either the current Q3 (based on the VW A5 platform) or the newer MQB architecture that underpins the new Seat Leon (among many others).

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