Red Bull reveals RB11 in full race livery

  • Image Credit: Red Bull
Formula One racing teams typically reveal their liveries when they reveal their new chassis. Some even showcase a revised livery on the previous season's car before the new one is even ready. But Red Bull went about things a little differently this year.

The front-running outfit ran its new RB11 chassis at the pre-season test sessions throughout February in a black and white camo livery that we've become more accustomed to seeing on prototypes for road-going production cars. But tempting though it may have been, Red Bull was never likely to keep that monochromatic livery once competition actually got under way. And now it's revealed the design it will use for the 2015 Formula One World Championship.

The team's latest color scheme looks for the most part like those it's used in years past, working its way up the field from the seventh place at which it finished the championship during the team's infancy to the four back-to-back world championships it won between 2010 and 2013. It's still predominantly dark blue (which just happens to have been the color under which the team's home country of Austria raced back in the day) with yellow accents and a big red bull galloping along the engine cover, but it now features more purple to suit the team's title sponsor Infiniti – particularly along the sidepods.

Driving this blue, yellow, red and purple beast will, of course, be Daniel Ricciardo – the only driver to have beaten Mercedes to the checkered flag last season (three times, no less) and Daniil Kvyat, who – after just one season with Toro Rosso – was promoted to the A-squad to replace Sebastian Vettel. Power comes once again from Renault after every other team (aside from Toro Rosso) has either switched to another engine supplier or dropped off the grid entirely.

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