Ken Block's Gymkhana franchise may have started with Subaru, but it's most closely associated with Ford, which the rally star joined way back in 2010. That fruitful partnership has spawned a number of Gymkhanas, and Block even showed up to help introduce the new Focus RS.

To honor this, Ford Australia has come up with an adorable parody (for lack of a better word), starring the hero Sun Block. Rather than a full-scale rally Fiesta piloted by a Vegemite-munching Aussie, though, Ford of Oz has gone tiny for its tribute. Really tiny.

The product is Beachkhana 1.0 – Wild on the Beaches of Australia, is a funky little stop-motion feature using tiny, 1:43-scale cars in much the same manner as Mr. Block drives his Fiesta rally car. It even pokes some fun at Mercedes-Benz's hilarious Magic Body Control ad. Check it out.

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