Top Gear France gets le video traileur

If you've seen The Office, House of Cards, Life on Mars or any of a long list of contest-based reality TV shows, you should be familiar with the idea of a British program being redone for export. But nothing holds a candle to Top Gear. The famous BBC car show has spawned editions in Australia, Russia, South Korea, China and even these United States, but now there's one more to add to the list with the debut of Top Gear France.

As we reported a few months ago, l'edition français de T op Gear is coming to RMC Découverte with a lineup of local hosts, including Le Stig, magazine editor Yann "Le Tone" Larret-Menzeno, racing driver Bruce Jouanny and actor Philippe Lellouche – not to be confused with Claude Lelouch, director of the cult classic film C'était un rendez-vous, shot from the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB running through the streets of Paris.

The show is set to hit the French airwaves on Wednesday, March 18, but whether you speak the language or not, you can catch a glimpse of what they've got in store in this latest preview video.

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