Look! Outside the office complex! Is it a '68 Dodge Super Bee? The official electric vehicle of the Pittsburgh Steelers? Something the Bumble Bee characters led by John Belushi in the old Saturday Night Live episodes should be cruising around in? Nope, it's a Tesla Model S decked out as the tiger in the Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro Japanese anime series that was once so beloved by Japanese toddlers. And, in this case, us as well.

The Tesla, first seen a few years ago, was spotted outside of an office complex in Kobe, Japan, and was committed to posterity in a 46-second video now posted on YouTube. The black-and-yellow Model S was part of a local educational program that included the Shimajiro series, which debuted in 1993 and ran for almost 15 years.

And ferocious performance be damned, this Tiger-themed Tesla looks downright cuddly. The sedan includes a smiley face and two saucer eyes on the grille of the Model S's "frunk," a pair of "ears" near the windshield and, yes, a tail sticking out of the trunk. Check out the video above and prepare to be charmed.

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