Manor GP exits bankruptcy, secures Ferrari engine deal

Those who considered Manor Grand Prix down for the count may be in for a surprise as the struggling Formula One team is clawing its way back onto the grid. According to the latest intel, the outfit has not only re-emerged from bankruptcy proceedings, but it's also secured an engine deal for this season.

Now if the name Manor doesn't ring any bells for you, it's probably because it never raced under that name. At least not in F1. Manor Motorsport has been competing in lower-level formulae since 1990, and secured an expansion slot in the big leagues in 2009. By the time it actually reached the grid, it had secured title sponsorship from Virgin, and was subsequently taken over by Marussia, under whose banner it competed for several season until things started to unravel late last season. After Jules Bianchi crashed at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, it fielded only one car (that failed to finish) at the subsequent Russian Grand Prix and then dropped off the grid altogether.

After failing to make it to the season closer in Abu Dhabi, the team was declared bankrupt. In an effort to regroup and make it back on the grid for the 2015 championship, it appealed to its rivals for special dispensation to run last year's car this season. Unfortunately, some of the other teams rejected the proposal, and it looked like it was all over for the struggling backmarker. But it retained its slot on the entry list and paid its fees, and has now emerged from bankruptcy proceedings, eager to get back into the action – even if it misses the season opener in a couple of weeks in Australia.

The team is now focusing on completing its original design for the 2015 MR04 chassis. And it appears to have cleared a major hurdle as Ferrari has reportedly agreed to supply the team with last year's engine. We'll just have to wait and see whether that will prove enough to get the team back up and running – especially since it already sold off many of its assets.

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