Okay, let's get this out of the way right off the bat: We know the video above was a set-up, that the so-called rider is anything but, that the officer isn't and that the motorcycle is clearly a prop.

With all of that said, the idea of a full-scale motorcycle model is pretty cool. The kit is comprised of 180 plastic parts, can be built by two people and is apparently strong enough to allow riders to gently sit on top. As Visordown points out, that price would easily net its buyer a non-running motorcycle of the actual variety, but that hardly seems the point.

Full Size Kits calls this, its first model, the Route 66 Classic, a "design replica of typical 1960s classic American motorcycles," which we take to mean a vintage Harley-Davidson. Check out the video above, and feel free to learn more at the company's website.

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