In addition to having a wonderful, Italian name, the coachbuilders at Touring Superleggera are producing some fantastically beautiful low-volume vehicles like the Alfa Romeo 8C-based Disco Volante and Mini Superleggera Vision. For the upcoming 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the company is teasing its latest creation called the Berlinetta Lusso, and the evidence suggests some Ferrari inspiration this time.

The name itself is a reference to the Prancing Horse, specifically the gorgeous 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, and the vehicle under the sheet in the video shares similar lines as that classic. The clip also offers a glimpse at the passenger side of the car in bare aluminum, and it's enough to see a deep, hard crease leading to a curvaceous rear fender. Lending further evidence to the possible Ferrari connection is the shot of former Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli's green and blue 166 MM Touring and ends with a quote from him, "A well-done thing can be made better."

Whether this vehicle ever sees the road following its Geneva debut is a complete mystery at this point. Although, the company eventually got Alfa Romeo's blessing to build the Disco Volante for interested 8C owners.

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