At this point in the season, the holidays are long past, and it's just an interminable wait until spring finally arrives for a much-need reprieve from the bitter cold gripping much of the country. Anything that makes it feel like Old Man Winter is leaving just a little sooner is welcome. In Iron Mountain, MI, the local Rotary Club has devised a clever way to look forward to warmer weather and raise some money at the same time. They positioned a Saturn on a frozen lake and have offered $1,000 for a correct guess at what date it will finally fall in.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the contest has brought the community together, and everyone has been talking about it in the small town. A Rotary Club member donated the Saturn, and students at a local vocation school gave the car the eye-catching orange and black paint job. In a nod towards environmental friendliness, they also drained all the fluids and removed the drivetrain. The sedan was tethered to a tree, too, for easy retrieval after the inevitable plunge.

The idea for this stunt is actually around 70 years old. As far back as the '40s, local groups were parking cars on the lake, which was formed from a flooded mining pit, and held contests on when the jalopies would fall in. Rotary member Jeff DeRidder told The Detroit Free Press he remembered his grandfather talking about the fundraisers, and it inspired him to revive the practice in the town.

Given the weather this year and Iron Mountain's position in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the bettors probably have a long wait until the winner is decided.

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