First EVEN EV store opens in Iceland's biggest shopping mall

Gisli Gislason Has Another Plan To Promote Electric Cars

  • Image Credit: Gisli Gislason
Our friend Gisli Gislason, who has a long history trying to get plug-in vehicles to take off in Iceland, has taken the most concrete step in years to get more people interested in EVs. The first EVEN Concept Store
just opened in the biggest shopping mall in Iceland, he told AutoblogGreen. He said that this new shopping space is a franchise concept for a multi-branding EV store, the first of what he hopes will be 250 within the next three years in Europe. EVEN currently advertises six EVs: the Kia Soul EV, the Nissan Leaf, the Tesla Model S (and the X), the Renault Zoe and the Nissan e-NV200 The US Ambassador and the Chinese Ambassador were on hand to cut the ribbon.

Two-hundred-and-fifty stores is an ambitious goal, but that's the sort of challenge that Gislason thrives on. The man is an EV fanatic (his email signature says, "Sent from my Tesla") and he's been working for years on EV deals that haven't quite panned out, whether they're with AMP for 1,000 electric SUVs or with Liberty Electric Cars for 150 all-electric Land Rovers. None of these has dimmed his enthusiasm. His current company, EVEN, is the latest to tackle the long-range plan originally laid out back in 2010. He did help deliver Model S EVs to happy customers last year, and we expect the new store will move some metal as well. You can see some images from the opening in the gallery.

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