Ex-GM CEO tells Apple: Don't make cars

I'm a big, big Apple fan. I work on a MacBook Pro, chat and text on an iPhone 6 and read Game of Thrones on an iPad Mini. Call me a fan boy if you must. But don't think my passion for Cupertino's fruit company extends to the rumored Apple car. If you listened to last night's episode of the Autoblog Podcast, you heard my firm opposition to this silly idea, and as it turns out, I'm not alone in opposing it. Former General Motors CEO Dan Akerson has officially come out against the notion of Apple taking over our roads.

According to Automotive News, Akerson more or less echoed our arguments on last night's podcast, saying in a phone interview that he wouldn't be very happy, were he an Apple shareholder.

" I would be highly suspect of the long-term prospect of getting into a low-margin, heavy-manufacturing [business]," Akerson said. "A lot of people who don't ever operate in it don't understand and have a tendency to underestimate."

Akerson, who must have listened to the podcast last night, went on to say the company was better off teaming with automakers and providing infotainment and connectivity systems. "I'd have turned over the infotainment and interconnectivity of every GM car" to Apple, Akerson said of his time at the helm of Detroit's biggest automaker.

"[Apple] better think carefully if they want to get into the hard-core manufacturing," Akerson told AN. "We take steel, raw steel, and turn it into car. They have no idea what they're getting into if they get into that."

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