Autonomous cars have been roaming the public roads of California and Nevada for a while now, not to mention testing in Japan and Germany. England is the latest country to get on board with the rapidly advancing technology by officially allowing driverless cars on the streets there – at least in some test areas. Among the first vehicles to be evaluated is a little bubble called the Lutz Pathfinder (pictured above) from RDM Group based in Coventry, England.

The two-passenger Lutz will be testing in Milton Keynes later this year, according to The Telegraph. The pod uses over 20 sensors including cameras, lidar and radar to create a 360-degree picture of what's happening. Whereas the autonomous vehicles in California are keeping up with normal traffic, that doesn't seem quite so easy for the Lutz. It's limited to 15 miles per hour, and the little pod has a 40-mile range.

The UK government is putting 20 million pounds ($30.5 million) towards several autonomous projects as part of the country's push for the technology, according to The Telegraph. However, the vehicles first have to prove they comply with the country's road laws. Once that happens, wider testing is planned.

A 'Driverless' Future in the UK

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