Chicago Auto ShowAutoblog obsessively covers the 2015 Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show rolls around just once a year, and your Autoblog editors duly assemble as a group to give it the obsessive coverage it deserves. Day one has come and gone, and you can see everything that's so far been fit to cover from Chicago, right here.

Chevy Bolt EVThe Chevy Bolt EV gets official production announcement

It's official, folks. Chevrolet has announced that it will, beyond the shadow of a doubt, produce the Bolt EV that surprised the crowds when it debuted about a month ago in Detroit. It will cost "near $30,000" after incentives, and Chevy promises a range of 200-ish miles.

Honda Ridgeline sketchNext Honda Ridgeline previewed in sketch

Previewed in a sketch, Honda is giving us our first glimpse at the next-generation Ridgeline pickup. The Ridgeline always sort of steered away from conventional pickup truck wisdom, using a unibody construction with passenger-car roots. We look forward to seeing what's in store for round two.

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