Translogic 170: Hendo Hoverboard

Attention Marty McFly, Your Hoverboard Has Finally Arrived

The Internet has seen its fair share of hoverboard hoaxes over the years, so we weren't going to be convinced that one existed until we got the chance to hop on the Hendo Hoverboard ourselves. A wildly successful Kickstarter campaign saw the project funded twice-over, with over 3,000 backers pouring half a million dollars into the technology. Even skate legend Tony Hawk has taken a ride on the levitating board. Now it's our turn.

This levitating wonder uses magnetic "hover engines" to repel about an inch above a conductive surface, and can support a payload of roughly 200 pounds. Not only is the technology fun and futuristic, but it could have bigger implications beyond the hoverboard. For instance, imagine a building that could achieve "seismic separation" during an earthquake to keep its structure sound and occupants safe. The engineers behind Hendo say the hoverboard is just the beginning.


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