More, more, more. Racecar drivers always want more. And among the many things they want more of, power is arguably in highest demand. And with Formula One teams meeting next week to discuss engine regulations, more power might just be in the cards.

"We are all up for going faster and having more power. It creates adrenaline at the end of the day and that is why we do it," Red Bull ace Daniel Ricciardo told Autosport when asked about the idea of 1,000-horsepower F1 cars. "Maybe it could also separate a bit more the guys with a bit more commitment than the others – as going faster is always a good thing for us young kids."

Ricciardo rationalizes his position by pointing out that while the cars still represent a technical challenge, the slow and steady assault on their downforce and power outputs has led to a sport that isn't as much of a challenge for its drivers.

That doesn't need to be so, though. Autosport reports that F1's engine suppliers could boost output of the current turbocharged, V6 hybrids through small redesigns and increases to the fuel-flow rate.

"It would be nice to get that [speed] back and to have some corners on the calendar where the real good guys are taking it full [flat], and the ones who don't have that last bit of commitment are having a lift. That would be nice to get back definitely," Ricciardo said.

Autosport got a similar statement from another central figure at Red Bull, boss Christian Horner, who said the sport needed to "evolve."

"We have head room at the moment that we can make the cars go quicker, and we need to use that," Horner explained. "We need to make the cars more spectacular, harder to drive, so that the difference in drivers becomes more apparent."

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