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Why stories of low Tesla Model S sales should be salted

Estimates of EVs' Monthly Sales Figures Are Often Way Off

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Trying to guess Tesla Model S sales in the US has become a parlor game of sorts. Thing is, it's a game not worth playing, Daily Kanban says. We're on board with that.

Guessing Model S sales with any sort of accuracy is difficult, if not impossible, because Tesla, unlike other automakers, doesn't publish monthly sales figures (it only does so quarterly). Additionally, the California-based company lumps its global sales into one quarterly total. That means domestic Model S sales aren't disclosed either. So, when Tesla publishes its 2014 sales figures later this month, that's all the public will know: the 2014 global sales of the Model S. No more, no less.

Daily Kanban went on its rant largely because some publications sounded an alarm of sorts by saying Model S sales plunged between December and January. The site also compared estimates by Autodata, Automotive News and Inside EVs with actual US registrations (as captured by Polk Automotive) and basically uncovered a lot of spitting into the wind.

For the record, we stopped calculating Model S estimates in our green-car monthly sales estimates because of such lack of transparency. Here's hoping that Tesla eventually starts making its US sales figures public, but until then (and we'll likely be waiting a long time), it's anyone's guess.

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