Gibbs, the manufacturers of the awesome Quadski, are recalling 320 examples of the ATV-cum-jetski because "the handlebar can fail while the vehicle is in operation, causing the operator to lose control of the steering and braking system of the vehicle, posing a risk of injury." Yep, that'd be a problem.

According The Detroit Free Press, the Consumer Product Safety Board is ordering Gibbs to recall both the $42,000 single-seater and the $47,000 two-passenger model are affected, with hull numbers ranging from US-GSAJ0607J213 though US-GSAJ1048C414 on the former and US-GSAJ5001J213 though US-GSAM5203H415 on the latter.

Gibbs uncovered the problem at its testing facility in Florida, The Freep reports, and confirmed that none of the affected Quadskis have been involved in any incidents.

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