Toyota PriusDoes the Toyota Prius still matter?

Now that we live in a world of plug-in hybrids, non-hybrids that exceed 40 miles per gallon, and with things like hydrogen cars still on the horizon, what's left to talk about with the aging Toyota Prius? It's the hybrid that arguably started it all, remember. But as we learned, the Prius has left plenty on the table. And there's a lot more coming, too.

by the numbersJanuary 2015: By The Numbers

Spoiler alert: General Motors was the top-selling automaker in the month of January, and its pickup trucks largely bolstered that win. In our monthly report, we dive into all of that and more, as we recap the sales data from the automotive industry over the past month. See who's up, who's down, and who's kicking butt, here.

Ford Focus RSFord Focus RS is hot, and this way comes

If there's one thing we'll never complain about, it's the increase of hot hatchbacks being offered in the US. Ford already sells its Focus ST here, sure, but the hotter RS – something that hasn't been allowed Stateside – is finally heading this way. And with the full details on the 2016 model revealed today, we're more excited than ever.

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