There's half a day worth of weird in this 81-second video from KFVS, and none of it made sense until we realized what state it happened in. Then it made perfect sense. The short story is that in the wee hours of the morning police found a stalled Mini Cooper on the side of the road with four passed-out men in the seats and three dead deer in the back, plus one on the side of the road. Police also found marijuana, which is surprising because one would think you'd need some industrial strength Breaking Bad voodoo to get four men in a tiny car with four dead deer.

But the real story is how the quartet of men and the tetrad of quadrupedal ruminants ended up in the car. It's worth watching the video to find out, but before you do and now that you know a few of the facts, see if you can guess which US state this was brought to you by.

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