Volvo V60 Cross Country2015.5 Volvo V60 Cross Country tested

It's not quite a wagon and it's not quite a crossover. Well, actually, it's both. Meet the new Volvo V60 Cross Country – a lifted version of the V60 wagon that looks to appeal to folks with more active lifestyles. It's like a super-swanky Subaru Outback, or a Swedish take on the Audi Allroad. We give it a full test in northern California, here.

Mercedes-Benz adYour picks for best Super Bowl car ads

Half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is to see the high-dollar ads put out by various companies, including automakers. These commercials certainly give us a lot to talk about, and this year, we had you, our readers, vote for your favorites. Here's a full rundown of Super Bowl car ads, as well as your pick for the best commercial from this year's game.

Nissan Maxima2016 Nissan Maxima sneak peek

Speaking of Super Bowl ads, Nissan had a special little surprise for us in its "With Dad" spot. Right at the end, we got our first full glimpse at the 2016 Maxima sedan, fully uncovered. We won't officially see the new range-topping sedan for another few months, but check out Nissan's spot for a quick preview. You can also see the company's new racecar.

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