We've seen some pretty, um... interesting phone cases in our time, but this one takes the proverbial cake. Not only is it a realistic small-scale Batmobile replica, complete with working lights, an opening canopy and a little Bat Signal emitted from the rear jet turbine, it also appears to provide at least a modicum of protection to your brand-new iPhone 6.

Aptly named the Batmobile Crazy Case, this dual-role gizmo hails, unsurprisingly, from Japan. We have no idea how you'd go about getting one of these Tim Burton-era replicas here in the States, but Bandai previously made one shaped like the more recent Tumbler that you can purchase on Amazon for the rather ridiculous sum of nearly $130.00. Perhaps this different version will hit the internet shelves in due time.

Check out the video above to witness all the unique little touches for yourself.

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