Motorcyclist hit by debris from MiG-27 survives as pilot ejects safely

Riding a motorcycle requires constant vigilance of what's going on around you. At any moment, a car could pull out or change lanes, and without all of an automobile's safety features, bikers need to keep their head on a swivel. Although, one thing most riders aren't expecting is a military jet crashing into them. However, that happened to one very unlucky rider in Barmer, Rajasthan, India, recently.

Loon Singh was riding his motorcycle to a village to deliver wedding invitations when debris from a crashing MiG-27 hit him, according to India Today. Amazingly, Singh suffered just minor burns and a fractured hand, but only a flaming husk of his bike remained. The jet's pilot had already ejected to safety. The video above of the crash scene is not in English but does provide some additional images of what happened.

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