With a crushing year behind it, its formal bankruptcy ongoing until it suddenly wasn't, and the newly stated intent of returning with "revolutionary electric Spykers," the Spyker C8 could be the last gas-powered car from the Dutch automaker. Sure, we've been told to expect the B6 Venator, but at this point, we'll wait for its appearance at our local Spyker dealer before we figure it in our plans. Since we're not sure the company ever sold more than 50 cars per year in its 15-year history, you have about an equal chance of seeing a woman do triple digits in a police car she stole while handcuffed than you do of seeing any Spyker melt its rubber.

That's why we're bring you the video above, featuring pro drifter Ryan Tuerck doing a couple of donuts in a parking garage and then turning the C8 into a $300,000 smoke machine for 40 seconds. After that, this video should be sent to the Smithsonian for storage, in memoriam for a time that was.

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