Any time there's a new loins-quaking Mercedes-AMG introduced, you need to keep your eye on the aquatic horizon around the time of the Miami International Boat Show for the Cigarette tie-in to come roaring into port. The SLS AMG had its 2,700-horsepower, 46-foot Rider, the C63 AMG Black Series got a 1,350-hp, 50-foot Marauder, the G63 AMG got a 1,750-hp, 43-foot Huntress, and the SLS AMG E-Cell got a matching wild yellow 2,200-hp, 38-foot electric concept boat.

Now that we're in 2015 with another AMG and another boat show, we have another Cigarette. Mercedes hasn't dropped the goods on this one yet, but it will be twins with the AMG GT. After that, we're guessing it will have a can't-miss-it paint job, be in the 40-foot range, and have something like 2,000 hp. The show is February 12-16, we'll have all the info for you then.

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