Victim of terrifying road-rage incident speaks out after ordeal [w/ video]

A North Carolina woman is still shaken after her run-in with a persistent, road-raging motorist.

Sherri Norman was driving in Randleman, North Carolina, with her granddaughter in the car when Kristin Phillips began tailgating Norman in her SUV. Norman called 911 when Phillips almost ran her off the road while trying to pass in a non-passing area. Norman started her phone's video camera in case the driver became even more aggressive.

It's a good thing she did. The video shows Philips as she gets out of her car and approaches Norman, yelling obscenities and dishing out rude hand gestures. She breaks Norman's car door handle and tries to hit Norman through her driver-side window. In the background, Norman's granddaughter cries in terror.

Phillips walks away after the attack, but she didn't get off scot-free. Norman's video went straight to police who posted the video online and quickly identified Phillips. She is now facing six charges, including reckless endangerment and assault.

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