We suppose the thrill of jumping a car comes in collapsing the buffer of safety between tender human bones and a 3,500-pound hammer - especially if it's a really expensive hammer. That's why Kobe Bryant would promote a shoe by "jumping" an Aston Martin (with the help of CGI) and Tony Hawk ramped over a stationary Lexus LFA and a moving Mini.

And it's why this Swedish guy can get millions of YouTube videos for earning the nickname Al the Jumper by, obviously, jumping over moving things. Last summer it was a Lamborghini Gallardo doing 81 miles per hour, now it's two motorcycles at once. In this case, though, if he gets it wrong he hurts more than just himself.

You can watch Al do his work above, the action high-kick action starts one minute in. Just for kicks we've added a few more jumping videos with different techniques below: there's a guy who does a front flip over an Acura NSX, a free runner at Top Gear Live who does a twisting flip over a Lamborghini in slow motion, and then two videos of what happens when such jumps go wrong, including Al the Jumper's first accident in 2011.

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