Watch Nick Offerman's hilarious NASCAR promo song

In his new promotion for NBC and its airing of NASCAR races, rugged comedian Nick Offerman is offering America a gut-check from getting too soft with quite a catchy tune. As the Parks and Recreation star opines in the ad, "When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there's trouble afoot." But as the song's chorus goes, the solution is to "Get some NASCAR in your life."

Offerman's song pitches NASCAR as a tough sport that mixes speed, engineering and family. Plus, for the folks watching the races at the track, there's a party of grilled meat and beer. It's not all good feelings, though. The anthem also doesn't shy away from a little controversy with a direct reference to the fight between Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon during the 2014 season.

NASCAR on NBC begins on the Fourth of July. The network is showing the last 20 Sprint Cup races and more events from the other series of the sport in a deal that runs through 2024.

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