Disgraced police officer seen using confiscated plates on own car

A police officer in Missouri already under investigation for drugging and raping women has been caught driving around town with license plates confiscated from other motorists.

Steve Blakeney was fired from his position of commander of the police force in Pine Lawn, Missouri, though he still holds a policing license. Fox News ran the plate on a Crown Vic parked outside of Blakeney's home and found it belong to a woman in North County, Missouri.

Danielle Pettis pulled out the original paperwork for her SUV and matched the plate to the Crown Vic. She told Fox News the plates we confiscated after her check bounced at the Department of Motor Vehicles. She cleared things up with the DMV and got new plates. She had assumed the old ones were destroyed by the Pine Lawn police.

"I wonder if they even made it to the evidence room," Pettis told Fox 2.

A man from North City, Missouri had a similar experience. He had his plates confiscated after his car was booted for unpaid parking tickets. He later saw Blakeney driving around in a car with his old license plate.

Pine Lawn did not respond to the station's request for comment. Blakeney would only say he was driving around with the confiscated plates. He claims Pettis' plate arrived on his doorstep in a box of his belongings and he assumed it was his plate. The FBI is currently investigating Blakeney for his alleged crimes against multiple women.

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