We drive the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

When it was first revealed, the 2015 Discovery Sport was unsurprisingly and uncharitably labeled a "soft-roader" by much of the automotive media and Autoblog commentariat. That descriptor suggested the Disco Sport was yellow of belly, willing to risk the Green Oval's peerless off-road credentials in its chase for the suburban dollar. Perhaps in order to divorce us of that notion, Land Rover invited us to Iceland in the dead of winter to test their new baby's mettle.

8 things you learn while driving a cop car

It is absolutely illegal to impersonate a police officer. But that's not what we did. Dodge unveiled its redesigned 2015 Charger Pursuit police cruiser, and graciously allowed us to drive it for a week. It's not technically a police car, but that meant basically nothing. As we found out after our week of testing, most people can't tell the difference, and the Charger Pursuit commands all the same reactions as any normal cop car would on the road. Here are a few things we noticed during our time as wannabe cops.

Translogic 169Jonathon Buckley races against Audi's autonomous RS7 racecar

Translogic host Jonathon Buckley heads back to the Ascari Race Resort in Spain for an encounter with a track rival unlike any other. Watch as "Bucko" challenges "Bobby," Audi's autonomous Audi RS7 racecar to see who is quicker around the course.

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