BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo won't be a one-and-done model

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo seems like a model without a real segment to fit into. It doesn't quite match the mold for the swoopy four-door coupe niche like the Porsche Panamera or the brand's own 6 Series Gran Coupe. However, the vehicle isn't really a station wagon to appeal to those utilitarian buyers, either. Despite this identity crisis, BMW is reportedly prepping another GT for the next-gen 5 Series platform.

According to German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, the 5 Series GT somehow has been a big enough sales success in the US and China to warrant another model. The next one would allegedly arrive in 2016, which is the about the same size as the future 5 Series sedan. The magazine speculates the new GT could lose about 221 pounds in the transition and be offered with four- and six-cylinder powertrains, plus a plug-in hybrid with an electric driving range estimated at around 19 miles.

Globally, China is actually the larger 5er GT market than the US. According to IHS senior analyst Stephanie Brinley to Autoblog, the variant sold 21,089 units worldwide in 2013 (2014 is still being tabulated), and that represented about 5.7 percent of the 370,930 total sales for the 5 Series. China bought 42 percent of the world's GTs, compared to about 10 percent of the mix from the US. Europe, meanwhile, took about 29 percent of them that year.

While the GT's sales figures make up just a fraction of the overall 5 Series, the variant is still a moneymaker for BMW, and IHS forecasts a second generation, too. "The 5 Series range as a whole is stronger for having this product, and it's very likely that the company's profit margin is higher on the GT, even with the cost of some dedicated sheetmetal and tooling," said Brinley.

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